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Brand Narrative

Bolt Story

BOLT is a marketplace of ideas - where creativity and inventiveness is not just encouraged, but rewarded. Gone are the days of red tape and inaction - welcome to a future of freedom.

Vision, Mission, Values

  • Vision Our vision is to enable creative and financial freedom for users and brands.
  • Mission Our mission is to help users and brands to create and grow value on the new web.
  • Values

Speed and Agility beats Size

Flexibility is the name of the game at BOLT. We evolve and implement changes quickly to create a preferred ecosystem for users, streamers, and brands.

Make everyone Successful

We must continually invest in the success of our users, streamers, and brands.

Decentralise and Democratise Creativity

The power of our ecosystem’s ideas and energy will transform BOLT from a platform into a movement of actionable creativity.

One Eye on the Future

We measure the impact of our work not in days, but in the years to come.

Tone of Voice

BOLT is direct, sharp, and precise. We do not waste time with flowery drivel - we focus on the mission and our work. This focus should come through in the way we communicate online

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