Please read the usage rules in full before you download or use any BOLT logos. Logo downloads are available in SVG and Transparent PNG format.

BOLT Logo Download

The BOLT logo includes two parts: the Logotype (text) and the BOLT Lightning symbol.
There are two versions—default and symbol—please use the default version whenever possible.

Hover the images and click the download icon or download the ZIP below.
BOLT Global
BOLT Xchange
Please use all BOLT logos exactly as provided. Don't change the sizes of the elements inside it, don't change the logotype (font), or use any colors other than those listed here. Please don't retype, redraw, or alter any of our logos.

Logo Colours

We only allow three colours for the logo: BOLT blue, white, or black.

Use BOLT blue for the Lightning symbol and white for the Logotype whenever possible.
BOLT blue #454AEA - #61C2ED White #FFFFFF Black #000000
Make sure there is always sufficient contrast between background colour and the logo.

Logo Construction & Exclusion Zone

The BOLT logo is composed of two parts: the BOLT Lightning (mark) and the BOLT Logotype.
Make sure to leave enough room around the logo at all times. Minimum clear space is the size of the O around the logo

Logo Usage

Below are guidelines to adhere to for various mediums when using the logos.
When using the logos along multiple partners, ensure that the exclusion zone is observed.
A six column grid should be used for all printed applications. The logo must sit inside 2 columns and the exclusion zone must still be applied.
When watermarking a video with the logo, keep the logo inside the Action Safe area for broadcast which is 90% scale of the composition.

Do's and Don'ts

It is important to ensure that the logo is reproduced with consistency and integrity.
In no instance it is appropriate to recreate, re-colour or re-produce the elements. The logos may only be used in their original states and must not be manipulated in any way. Always ensure the proportions of the logo are locked when scaling.

Logo Placements

We recommend placing the BOLT logo in relationship to the text in the following ways. This ensures that the materials look ordered and professional.
Align the logo to the left of the heading text and make sure the width of the logo does not exceed the width of the heading text