Visual Style

The BOLT visual communication materials have some particularities, which allows for creativity, while ensuring brand recognition.

Visual Paradigm

Our visual communications must be built upon strong fundamentals: our values, and a clear objective.
Then, using the brand elements, and our voice, we can shape the content, to match the blueprint. Then, we can further increase the value, by localizing our materials, and make them as fun and creative as possible.

Visual Principles

Angles and geometry

Sharp edges should be rounded off as much as possible to maintain the smooth and sleek style of the graphic elements. Things should not not look hard and clunky.

Clarity and Consistency

Just using our logo is not enough; keep materials consistent, through geometric shapes, brand colors, typography, and/or key visuals. The message also have to be clear on first glance.


For big partnerships or events, don’t just translate over, localize!


Key visuals must adapt to different supports, sizes and layouts.


Whatever we do, we must ensure it feels as, and communicates BOLT.


Here's a couple of suggestions, to help you make your designs better.